KAIF-JAIF Joint Forum on NPP Safety and Decommissioning
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KAIF and JAIF(Japan Atomic Industrial Forum) held "Joint Fourm on NPP Safety and Decommissioning" which was supported by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy(MOTIE) at Tokyo in Japan on 8th May, 2018.



At the forum, around 250 people including Hon. Ungyu PAIK(Minister of MOTIE), Mr. Jaeyuel KANG(Executive Vice President of KAIF), Mr. Shin HOSAKA(Deputy Commissioner of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Mr. Akio TAKAHASHI(President of JAIF), and other distinguished guests attended to the forum.


Hon. PAIK said at the congratulatory address, "nuclear energy has been widely recognized as one of the valuable energy sources in view of its efficiency and stability of power supply while considering its contribution to reduction of greenhouse gas. After the Fukushima accident and a series of earthquakes occurred in Korea, however, a tighter standard for nuclear safety has become demanding and challenging afterwards." He highlighted importance of enhanced bilateral cooperation on suggested issues between Korean and Japanese nuclear industries.


At the same time, Mr. HOSAKA celebrated the opening of the forum by saying that "a bilateral cooperation on nuclear safety and decommissioning has to be highly encouraged with this forum as a momentum as Korea and Japan have worked closely together for last decades."


Through the series of presentations made by KHNP, TEPCO, KEPCO, and FEPC(The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan) and heated exchange of opinions, nuclear industries from both countries discussed the latest issues on nuclear safety and decommissioning to explore ways to expand bilateral cooperation in those fields. In addition, two parties have agreed to jointly deal with issues of nuclear safety and decommissioning.


Since they signed MOU in 1973, meanwhile, KAIF and JAIF have co-hosted a joint seminar every couple of years to address the latest issues while exploring business opportunities with the purpose of development of Korean and Japanese nuclear industries.

















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