KAIF held New Year’s Greeting Meeting of Nuclear Power Industry in 2017
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‘New Year’s Greeting Meeting of Nuclear Power Industry 2017’ held by KAIF(Chairman Lee, Kwan-Sup, who is also CEO of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.) at Grand ballroom, Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel in January 20th.


Mr. Lee, Kwan-Sup, Chairman of KAIF started his New Year’s greeting with the review on nuclear power industry in 2016. He mentioned ‘the future of Nuclear Power Industry depends on how much public acceptance we gain, officials in nuclear power industry and how safe we operate atomic power industry.’ He also focused on the importance of ‘fulfillment of the standards and regulations, preparation for future growth, in-bound cooperation among nuclear power industry members, communication with the public’ to remain as the sustainable power source. With a quote of an old chinese idiom ‘毫釐千里(Ho-ri-chŏn-ri) which is meaning ’a tiny lapse can lead to huge difference’, he continued, ‘we all can make great difference to this world by changing our attitude toward safety just a little bit.’





Mr. Hong, Nam-Ki, Vice Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP) focused on the importance of communication with the public as ‘we all should take the concern and criticism of the public on safety issues of nuclear power industry profoundly, while we appreciate and celebrate accomplishments in this business.’ He also specified government plans by saying ‘Korean Government will support nuclear power industry to grow as a future industry and foster this industry as a pioneer of acquiring new market and business category.’ He finished his speech by requesting all authorities ‘to renew your determination to your duty for nuclear power industry of South Korea to be the safest in the world.’











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