Seminar for promoting cooperation for future reactors between United States and Korea
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 Korea and United States look for cooperation in GEN IV(4th Generation Reactors) technologies and exchange of future reactor technologies and research accomplishments

Korea Atomic Industrial Forum(KAIF, Jae Yuel Kang as Vice Chairman) and Korea Nuclear Society(KNS, Joo Ho Hwang as Chairman) co-hosted 'Seminar for promoting cooperation for future reactors between United States and Korea' in IRIS room in Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies building on August 16th.



Delegates from U.S includes Edward Whitfield,former Congressman of Republican Party and Tim Frazier,CEO of TA Frazier. Experts from different areas of nuclear industry including Doosan Industry, KEPCO ENC, KEPCO NF, Seoul National Univesity also participated in this seminar.


Mr. Kang, Executive Vice President of KAIF addressed "Persistent cooperation between two countries became the backbone for remarkable achievements of nuclear industry of Korea" in his welcoming address. He continued,'we hope nuclear industry experts from both country keep on exchanging research accomplishment and technology."


Mr. Hak Ro Kim addressed "there has been a lot of opportunity for cooperation between two governments including I-NERI, GIF, and ROK-U.S Joint Standing Committee on Nuclear Energy Cooperation,' and 'cooperation in civil area should be expanded to have higher safety standard and more competitive and advanced technologies."


After this seminar, U.S delegates visited nuclear indusrial sites in Korea including Korea Atomic Research Institute (located in Daejeon), Wol-Sung Nuclear Site, and Doosan Heavy Industry(Changwon) to broaden their understanding of Korea's nuclear technolgies and research accomplishment from August 17th to 18th.


Korea and United States have strived to strengthen their cooperation in nuclear industry since 'Agreement for cooperation between the government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of the United States of America concerning civil use of Atomic Energy' of 1956. Especially after High Level Bilateral Comission of Atomic Energy was held in Washington in April,2015, both countries agreed to proceed with an actual project for strategic long-term cooperation.


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