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International Cooperation

KAIF builds cooperative relationships with organizations involved in the nuclear industry nationally and internationally. KAIF, representing Korea nuclear community, makes various efforts to broaden international network as well as strengthen its connection with international nuclear key organizations such as ANS, PNC, etc. To promote international cooperation, KAIF has signed the memorandum of understanding(MOU) on cooperation with 13 organizations from 8 countries, holds joint meetings with other countries through mutual visits, and participates in the conferences abroad. KAIF actively endeavors to extend dialogues on the mutually interested nuclear issues at regular intervals or by arrangement, expecially in collaboration with Japan(JAIF), Canada(CNA/CNS/OCI), France(SFEN/FAF), U.K.(NIA/UKTI), Russia(ROSATOM), and other countries.
KAIF has signed Cooperation MOU with the following organizations to exchange nuclear related information and materials.

Status of MOU between KAIF and Overseas Organizations


May 24, 1973 Japan Atomic Industrial Forum(JAIF) revised April 8, 1992
April 15, 1987 Japan Atomic Energy Relations Organization(JAERO)
April 6, 1995 China National Nuclear Corporation(CNNC)
Apr. 21, 2009 China Nuclear Energy Association(CNEA)
Feb. 25, 2010 University of Battambang, Cambodia

North America/
Latin America

June 9, 1986 Canadian Nuclear Association(CNA)
Aug. 26, 2014 Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries(OCI)
July 30, 2012 Mexican Nuclear Society(SNM)


May 18, 1989 Forum Atomique Francais(FAF)
Nov.27, 2012 Nuclear Industry Association(NIA)
April 16, 1991 USSR Nuclear Society(USSR NS)
Apr. 20, 2016 ROSATOM International Network
Dec. 1, 2017 Czech Power Industry Alliance(CPIA)
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