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Networking and Events

KAIF has promoted Korean nuclear industry by holding the Korea Atomic Power Annual Conference along with the International Nuclear Energy Exhibition. The conference is intended to identify the latest issues around the nuclear industry, making an exchange of comprehensive information, and sharing gathered knowledge about atomic power. Also, KAIF organizes the Nuclear Community New Year Greeting in January every year, and keeps arranging the bimonthly Nuclear Breakfast Meeting for the people involved in nuclear business to maintain personal network and to share the newest information. KAIF devotes itself to promoting nuclear industry by annually awarding the Nuclear Technology Prize to those who have contributed to the enhancement of nuclear technology.

· Holding the International Nuclear Energy Exhibition
· Holding Nuclear Community New Year Greeting
· Holding Nuclear Breakfast Meetings
· Holding Meetings for Major Member Organizations
· Awarding Nuclear Technology Prize
· Operating the Secretariat of the Korean Nuclear Council

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